Rewriting Curriculum

I am now at the halfway point of rewriting my photojournalism curriculum.  I teach an 18-week photojournalism course.  It is only one semester, but I have to teach it twice a year, so the materials get a lot of use.

Last year I finished the year off very unhappy with how I was teaching photojournalism.  The course was turning into more of a photography class, with not nearly enough focus on the journalism part.  So, I have spent the last two weeks redoing the syllabus.  I have really learned how unfocused my curriculum was.  Yes, I knew how take pictures and I was imparting some of that knowledge, but the class assignments didn’t have much in the way of a point.  They were haphazardly put together based on whatever struck my fancy.

I started with that as the number one goal.  Assignments that first taught basic photography skills, but then became more journalistic and gave the students the skills needed to shoot an event or a news feature. I also wanted them to have a basic understanding of how to use photoshop to edit photos for print and the web.

That seems like it should be enough to fill up a semester.  So far, I have created two units and 16 lessons.  So, the first half of the semester should prepare them to take photos and give them basic editing skills in photoshop.  Each lesson has a powerpoint slide show and each unit has a test.

This coming week I don’t see myself working on it too much.  I might, but I have to get ready for summer camp at Texas A&M.  So, I hope to get back to work on the second half of the curriculum next week after I get back from camp.

When I finish that one, I need to start working on Desktop Publishing or Video Technology.

This project has been a lot harder than I thought it would be, but I hope it will make me and anyone who wants to use some or all of it a better teacher. If you download and use any of the materials and find any problems or mistakes – please let me know.  I will work to fix any mistakes.  Thanks.