These Are A Few Of My Favorite Tools…

This weekend I have to give a 50 minute presentation to a group of journalism teachers about being a wired journalist.  I wanted to have a resource I could send them in one location.  This is that page.

Web Tools

Browsers – Firefox, Safari

Audio Editors: Audacity,

Video Editors: Windows MovieMaker,

Online Photo Editors:  21 Editors via 10,000 Words,

Music/Video Players – iTunes, Quicktime Pro ($29.99), Perian (mac), Wimpy FLV player,

Online Tools – Plugin Checker, Flash Player, Java,

Web Page Design: NVU/Kompozer, Seamonkey,

Flash Video Capture: TubeTV (mac),

Screencasting:  Screencast-o-matic, Camtwist (mac),


Blogs:  WordPress, Blogger,

Image Hosting: Flickr, Photobucket,

File Hosting: MediaFire,

Video Hosting:  YouTube, TeacherTube

Social Networking

Microblogging: Twitter,

Totally Social: Myspace, Facebook,

Professional Social Networks:  Wired Journalists, Classroom 2.0,


Books:, TeachJ Store, JEA bookstore,

Photo/Video: B&H Photo Video,

Just Journalism

Publication Writing/Editing/Organization:  Newsroom Director ($139/year), ASNE Online Newspaper ($50 one time fee),

Printing:  Newspapers (J&S Printing), Magazine (MagCloud), T-Shirts (CafePress), Photos (Printroom) $99/year,


Web Design:  Access IT (Univ. of Wash.),

Journalism Tools

Broadcasting:  HowJSay,

Journalism:  NewsU, Newsroom 101,

Visual Journalism:  Shortcourses,

Fonts Personified!

This video is funny if you are into type, and who isn’t?  LOL in Impact Bold.