Blogged Down

This weekend, I spoke to a group of advisors at the Taylor Yearbook Summer Camp at Texas A&M about technology and I promised to post my list of favorite blogs and iTunes podcasts – so here they are:

My Blog List:

10,000 Words – a blog about using Technology & Journalism

Advancing The Story – a blog about using multimedia for storytelling

Andy Dickinson – a british blogger who focuses on moving forwards and not looking back

Black Star Rising – a well done photography blog written by several pro photographers

Buzz Machine – a new blog that I’m reading, hard to describe – but interesting

Daily Writing Tips – do I really need to explain it?

Digital Photography School – another blog that is fairly obvious

Howard Owens – a video blog from a newspaper perspective

Innovation in College Media – focuses mainly on the changing nature of college publications

Ryan Sholin – The Invisible Inkling – A reporter who wants to change things

The Journalism Iconoclast – a blog about the state of journalism

Journalistopia – a blog about online journalism and young journalists

The KRG – a blog for student journalists (college)

Mastering Multimedia – a blog for multimedia workers in newspaper

Mediashift – the blog for the PBS show MediaShift

Meranda Writes – a blog from a young journalist trying to make her way in the 21st Century newsroom

Mr. Rewrite – a grammar blog from a friend of journalism prof. Steve Elliott of ASU’s j-school

Newspaper Death Watch – another blog with no description needed

News Videographer – written by several pro news video journalists

Notes From A Teacher – written by a Canadian journalism prof.  (very good)

Online Journalism Blog – need I say more?

Paul Conley – a B2B reporter’s blog about the journalism industry

Photoshop Disasters – using PS in an unsafe way (not always safe for school)

Press Think – a student blog about the changes in corporate journalism

Reflections of a Newsosaur – a veteran of the media talks about its future or lack of one! – a British journalism prof’s blog

Sean Blanda – another student journalist’s blog

That’s The Press Baby – a working journalist that thinks printing on dead trees is not yet dead

Teaching Online Journalism – prof. Mindy McAdam’s blog

Technolo-J – a blog about tech and journalism

Viewfinder Blues – a TV photog’s blog about how those behind the viewfinder get it done– a blog about media

Summer Camp: Texas A&M Day 4

Last year, I wrote a blog post about whether winning awards was important or not. I still mostly side with the not. But, that being said – it was cool that all five of my kids at journalism camp won an award.

Needless to say they were happy driving home. They did a great job and were easily my best group ever. The didn’t miss class or get up late – not once. They even stayed late sometimes to work on their projects.