Waxing Nostalgic

Waxers, velox machines, light tables, pica poles, and border tape all remind me of working late nights in my college newsroom.  We came out every Thursday – it was a small college, with a small staff – and so Wednesday nights were production nights. This was all brought back to me by a post on a blog called Creative Pro: Heavy Metal Madness.

I had a love/hate relationship with production nights.  When I first started we didn’t even have computers.  We had to go to the local newspaper – The San Angelo Standard Times.  They allowed us to use one of their workrooms and two of their typesetting machines that fed the stories into the Velox.

Then we pasted it up.

The next year we got six Macs.  I was now the sports editor and we were able to do paste up at our own place.  I’ll never forget the crazy Wednesday nights.  We cracked jokes, cursed the waxer, reprinted copy and headlines to fit the space available.  There was always one page that the wax wouldn’t hold.

We also told ghost stories after midnight.  We raced the rolling chairs up and down the hallways.  It was a lot of fun, stress and always crazy.  I’m glad we do layout using DTP software these days.


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  1. I had a love affair with border tape. I still think it’s very nearly the most fascinating stuff in the world. It’s sticky enough to stay, but it peels up without tearing the paper.


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