Cool Links #6: Too Much Coolness

There is just too much coolness out there on the net today.  Thanks to Notes From A Teacher and Newsvideographer for fresh links to great sites.

Adobe has a really cool tool called a Flash Video (FLV) bitrate calculator.  If you are posting video to YouTube or some other site that uses FLV files, then this will help you compress your video to the correct size.  This goes great with Fresh DV’s table of optimal frame dimensions for video.

Vuvox is a neat little tool that is FREE to use to create moving slideshows with lots of great interactive elements like audio and video.  This tool seems like a godsend to HS journalism programs on a budget, who don’t have the cash or the time to buy and learn to use Flash.

Donnie has uploaded his latest episode of You Suck At Photoshop.  Always funny, but usually irreverant – not something I’d watch on my school computer.  But he does teach some cool skills during his crazy and fun episodes.