Cool Links #7: These Interwebs Are Full Of Coolness

Don’t ask about the headline – I just have a lot of cool stuff to share!

Walmart – love them (low prices, smiley faces) or hate them (corporate greed, large eco-footprint) has decided that copyright never ends! 😦  I wonder where they got that idea?  Maybe Disney or the government.

Fashion magazines are getting hit just like all the rest of the print industry.  Ad sales and page count is down in the fashion industry.

I love iTunes, my iPod and listening to podcasts – but hey, nothing is perfect.  PC World has a list of 11 Things They Hate about iTunes.

I make use of Wikipedia a lot! has a list of four search engines that make using Wikipedia a lot easier.  I personally like Powerset the best, it even has a Firefox search plug-in.

I’ve become a Twitter fan, even though I didn’t get it at first.  TechCrunch is a atwitter as to why Titter Hasn’t Failed!  Heck the Fail Whale has even become an icon!