No Guts, No Story

This is why we need good journalists out there.  This is why we have to keep fighting to find ways to fund good journalism.  Reporters, like this one in Russian occupied Georgia, are getting shot and sometimes even killed trying to get out the news.  You’ve got to respect the courage it took to keep reporting, even if it was only a small injury – a sniper with better aim could have killed her.

The general public sometimes just doesn’t understand the kind of courage it takes to be a reporter and even more so, to be a professional under these kinds of circumstances.  Sometimes it IS journalists out there risking their lives for free speech.

Update:  The Oline Journalism Blog seems to think this was staged or at least blow out of proportion because the shooter was supposed to be a “sniper.”  Just because she got hit by fire that may not have been from a sniper doesn’t mean she was less brave in my book.  Maybe it is Georgian propoganda, but I wouldn’t blame them – the whole world is ignoring Russia’s return to Soviet style totalitarianism.  And that isn’t good for any kind of freedoms – especially speech and press.