Wanna Become A Journalist Young Padawan?

David Remnick of the New Yorker magazine has a video blog post at the Big Think Blog, which also has a collection of vlogs about media.

And the Guardian’s Cath Elliot has a great post at ContentContent – about acting like a journalist.  Both are great advice for young kids in high school or college who are thinking about becoming a journalist.


  1. I’d say this even applies to journalists who want to elevate their career or explore new ventures. One good example is http://mexicoreporter.com – a former b2b journalist, she left the UK to holiday in Mexico and decided to stay there freelancing. Since adding shiort video clips to her free WordPress news blog, her site has gained a following – so much so that the New York Times called her up and made her a blog based Mexico reporter.

    So write, write, write and get your content out there. If it’s good, someone will notice.

  2. Whoops – sorry, that should actually be the LA Times, not the NY Times. Wrong coast!

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