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Finally Reporters Accepting Metamorphasis

It is exciting to see that the conversation on many journalism sites is moving beyond – woe, despair and agony!  Just yesterday, I found several sites that seem to look towards the future with realism and even excitement.

That’s The Press, Baby thinks that internet newspapers of the future will be more interactive and – heresy – even fun!

PJNet is still a bit of a holdout for woe and despair – their post is a conversation starter: Should we keep doing journalism if the community does not value it enough to pay for it?

Steve Mullis says taht the transformation has already begun.  On his blog, he notes that sevearl new forms of journalism that are not based on the traditional ad method are thriving.

And finally, Recovering Journalist wonders “What will happen when a major metro newspaper goes dark?” Not much and a whole bunch at the same time.

In general, I agree with most of what these blogs have to say.  Journalism is changing – technology is going to make our industry much different.  But in many ways the transformation will empower us as citizens, as journalists and as individuals.  The technology will actually make journalism better.  But we can’t sit on the sidelines and sob that we weren’t trained for this!  In my own job as a journalism teacher, I’ve had to relearn my entire job in 14 years.  Nothing is done the same way it was when I started this thing – except for the journalism itself.  Interviewing, story writing, photo and video composition, and much more is still the same.  But the way we deliver the content has changed drastically.  I’m excited about learning new things.  Every day!