Cool Links #8: Full of Warm Gooey Goodness

For some reason, I can’t stop thinking about apple pie, thus the title.  So, here are the batch of links.

1. The Rebuilding Media blog has one of the best breakdowns I’ve seen about why newspapers are failing on an economic level in the Internet age.  It is all about supply and demand.  News supply is large and demand is low.

2. It is all about tribal outlook on the Eat, Sleep, Publish blog.  If you have two groups of people, like online vs. print – they will fight!

3. When you are building a web site, you should follow these 10 simple principles of CSS masters according to NETTUS.

4. Finally, Smashing Magazine says simple is the best kind of web design and gives plenty of examples of great simple design on the web.


  1. “Tribal outlook” – heh, I guess so. I think it’s important to stress that having different “teams” is great for competition, which is what helps build excellent reporters.

    What’s bad is when you have two groups fighting over something that, if either of them wins, the newspaper as a whole loses.

    You want competition over things where either outcome is good for the paper (who can break a big story, who can get the most pageviews…)

    Thanks for the link!

  2. Cool–thanks for the link! This is the second year I’m teaching straight Journalism classes–no English! I’ve been thinking more and more about what’s going to go on in my 5 classes. You’re a great help!

  3. I still take the paper and enjoy reading it with my morning cup of coffee. I also read several papers online and like the fact that they are able to frequently update the news. It’s not surprising that newspapers are having a tough time. Most of the people I know who subscribe to the paper are senior citizens. Thanks for the links.:)

  4. BTW, drop by tomorrow for another crazy edition of Silly Sunday Sweepstakes. Come Share the Comment Love!

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