Can Kids Teach Themselves Using IT?

This is a great video, with bad sound.  But the premise of this TED talk is that kids can self organize to educate themselves.  I am presently trying to test that premise in my advanced journalism classes this year.  I’ve decided to do what a great number of really good educators before me have been brave enough to try – let the kids run their own publications.  They are 95 percent in control, and I am only 5 percent in control – mostly standards, ethical and otherwise.  But this video is really great.

Cool Links #9: Neatorama

1. has an excellent post with NINE Essential CSS Skills that you just have to know – or in my case teach.

2.  This is just a great idea.  Buy a one time use camera.  Tie it to an object, like a park bench with a note telling people to just take pictures.  Go back later and develop the roll.

3.  This is sad.  Only 19 percent of US Internet users download podcasts.

4.  10,000 words blog – PRINT IS NOT DEAD.

5.  The Buzz Machine has a cool web slide show titled:  The fundamentals of interactive journalism.

6.  Black Star Rising wants to save Photography from the Evil Empire (aka Microsoft).

7. And the OJB has a pithy post on how Ad People can save newspapers.  Maybe they can, and maybe they can’t.