Cool Links #10: Boy Do I Need Java

I do want coffee – even at 10 pm.

1) Starbucks secretly gives away free coffee to teachers.  Sounds too good to be true.  But there’s the link to the “secret” Starbucks blog.

2) The Invisible Inkling has a really good selection of web tools for online journalists.  Great selection – my favs are Wordle and Slide.

3) And Six Revisions has 28 Cheat Sheets for Web Designers – my favs include web safe color guide, points to pixels conversion chart and the megapixel chart.


  1. I took advantage of the Starbucks for Teachers on Monday. September’s gonna be a good month. And as far as Bristol Palin and Sarah Barracuda are concerned–I can’t believe the press is getting sucked into the Great Republican Spin Machine. It happens a lot, doesn’t it?

  2. I think they would have been better off leaving the whole thing alone. They need to remember what their job is – telling the facts, not taking sides in political arguments. This summer another teacher who was at ASU with me said that he believed that journalists shouldn’t even vote or join political groups. I’m now thinking he might be right.

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