My Kindergarden Cop Moment

I had such a Kindergarden Cop moment this week.  If you remember the movie, Arnold “The Governator” is a cop acting as a Kindergarden teacher.  He has a great day when his students actually respond to a new technique he tried.

This week it happened to me.  My kids have really responded to my new concept of giving them 97 percent control over their publications/media.  They have really taken ownership and seem to want to see it succeed even more.

“My Little Deputies” are doing a great job – I just hope they keep it up all year.


  1. There’s nothing like that feeling! Congrats on a great start for the year.

  2. Love it when the lightbulb goes off! I’ve given my students almost total control, too, resulting in a much better attitude and much better newspapers and yearbooks. Yay for us! BTW, on a completely different subject, it’s that time of week again–Silly Sunday Sweepstakes time. Come on over and play along!

  3. Be thankful for the deputies. I have never had those, no one will step up and take the responsibility.

  4. dkzody,

    maybe you need to make them take responsibility. I know it sounds hard and risky and it is, but I finally had to say “It is NOT my publication.” Either they will sink or swim on their own. I will teach them, mentor them and help them – but I won’t do it for them anymore.

  5. I was asked to take over the year book because the previous adviser was completely hands-off and the yearbook turned out to be a disaster. The parents requested their money back two years before I took over. Unfortunately, our students cannot spell, write well, or fact check. What they say is ok and turn in as such is riddled with errors.

  6. I don’t mean that I don’t teach. I tell my kids that this is like the TV show “Hells Kitchen,” the host Gordon Ramsey says “your food, my standards.”

    Before they are allowed to make decisions, they must learn journalistic standards, etc. And the constitution we wrote together clearly spells out when I can veto their decisions, as well as how they can go to the principal to overturn my veto.

    I agree, you can’t just turn it over to the kids. There must be a process in place for holding them accountable as well as letting them be responsible. But you can’t be afraid to let them fail in some ways. I have always found that I learn more from failure than from success. And learning is what we are all about.

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