Long Time No Post, Ike Came No Power

If you read my blog regularly, then you know I live in Houston, Texas and unless you live under a rock, you know we had a hurricane party this last week.

I just spent five days off-line.  It was hard.  We survived the storm with little damage.  The roof has several spots where the shingles are missing and the fence is down, but the house is mostly OK.  We had a small amount of water damage in the house from the leaks.

The power went out at 2:30 am the night of the storm and we were without power until about 6:30 pm today.

The first three days after the storm were full of clean up and helping neighbors.  We had several homes in our area hard hit.  So, we helped out those who were worse off than ourselves.  We shared batteries, staple guns, ice, water, labor and more.  At least one neighbor passed ice to us after we ran out.

I spent two hours waiting in line at our POD – point of distribution – set up by FEMA.  The line moved and it was set up well.  Police kept line jumpers out and they had plenty of ice, bottled water and MREs (meals ready to eat).

I also spent 2.5 hours Monday and 45 min Tuesday in line at Wal-Mart for groceries.  The first day I got in the store and 5 min. later the power went out.  We only got what was in our carts and it was cash only.  The next day I actually got canned and boxed goods we needed – and a little indulgence McDonald’s.  McD’s was open and so I brought home some hot food not from a can or box.

MRE’s are not so bad.  And FEMA was generous with the ice too.  I know that there have been frustrations with FEMA in Houston, but once they set up the POD in my area it was working well.  It was difficult to find out where the PODs were at first.

I know that there are still more than 1 million residents in Houston without power – I hope they get it back soon and start getting their lives back too.


  1. Glad everyone came through Ike OK. My BIL was on a business trip to Mexico City the week before the hurricane, and left to fly back to Chicago the day it hit Texas. The pilot opted to fly thru Ike, which wasn’t the most pleasant of experiences for the passengers, including my BIL. Are your journalism students going to write about the storm and its effect on their lives? That sure would make a compelling issue! BTW, on a completely different subject, we’re Sharing the Caption Love over at my place today. Yup, it’s time for the Silly Sunday Sweepstakes–come play along!

  2. Of course I plan on having the newspaper, TV class and yearbook do stories, videos and pages about the storm and it’s aftermath. In my area, the week or more without power and the hunkering down during the storm are the big story.

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