Cool Links #11: The Future Is Now

Sometimes links come in a bunch and with their own built in theme.  This week they did.  Too many times people in journalism are crying that real journalism is dead.  But I think it is not dead or even dying – it is going through changes.  Painful metamorphasis, but in the end journalism may be more vibrant and powerful.

1) Eat Sleep Publish surely believes that the future of journalism is less about brands (newspapers and magazines) and more about the individual writer or videographer.  We journalists have not been interested in “star power” but we need to get used to it.  We will have to create a brand around ourselves in the future.  That is where the only credibility will exist.

2) The future of our business is with the journalists we are training now.  That is why we must do a good job of giving them all the skills they need to be successful.  And they are creating their own networking tools online that will help them succeed.  Two of these tools are College Media Matters and College Rag.   They are already helping to fight against censorship and giving college journalists a group of fellows to help in any struggle.


  1. Thanks for the link!

    I think you’re right that while Journalism is changing, it’s hardly dying – there’s probably a bit of a melodramatic tension in the air, because after all, we’re all storytellers 😉

    I don’t know how the industry is going to morph itself, but I’m sure that Journalists growing personal brands is one route.

  2. Thanks for the links–I’ll check them out as soon as I recover from Back-To-School Nite! I think I’m getting too old for this Janx…

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