ACU Rockin’ Out With Multimedia

As an alumnus of Angelo State, just a little more than an hour to the south of Abilene Christian University, I find it very hard to say nice things about our rivals to the north.  But today, I have no choice.  ACU’s Student Media News Lab looks like they are well under way to being a college that “gets it” when it comes to multimedia-multifunction journalism.  It is not just about having all the cool toys, but that is a great start – you must also have a commitment to both quality journalism and multimedia coverage.  ACU’s new newsroom looks like they have a great new beginning for a program that has been around for a while.  It is great to see them offer up a quality journalism major at a smaller Texas university.  Too bad some of our public universities are slashing the quality of journalism instruction at the same time.



  1. Woo Hoo! I haven’t heard anyone talk about Abilene Christian in years! Lots of my family went to ACU and to Hardin-Simmons. But I’m confused about Angelo State. Did this used to be Southwest Texas State in San Angelo? Or, Snangelo, as my Daddy used to say?

  2. No, ASU has always been ASU – Southwest Texas State Univ. (SWTU) is in San Marcos (north of San Antonio) and is now called Texas State University.

  3. OK…sorry to confuse San Marcus and S’nangelo (as my Daddy, from Stamford, used to say). They’re not even near each other. Think I’ve been away too long, don’t you? BTW, please don’t forget S x 3 tomorrow. Gotta good one for ya!

  4. Now I know you’ve really been there, because only a native would know that San Angelo is pronounced as one word!

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