Cool Links #12: It’s Like A Party In Your RSS Reader

To start off my cool link bonanza, I’m going to recommend watching this short video about what an RSS Reader is and how to use one.  Like a lot of people, it took me a while to “get” RSS and then use it.  Then I had to learn again how to use it right.  Short cut all that and just go straight to Google Reader – it is a great RSS reader and easy to use.

2.  100 Cheat Sheets for Web Developers.  I guess as teachers we shouldn’t encourage cheating, but you can’t possibly ever know all the CSS, HTML, Ruby on Rails or WordPress shortcuts, codes and more.

3.  I just couldn’t stop looking at what a great site Crayon Virtuoso is and to top it off the site master is following one of the great online photo courses and posting their results on the site.  Very cool.

4. As a yearbook teacher, I’ve got to stay on top of trends and I know that Grunge is back.  So it is time to brush up on photoshop tutorials that grunge up text, photos and more.

5.  Cindy Green is blogging about a court case that could make Hazelwood look like small change.  Some court said that a middle school kid had to get a flyer approved before passing it out.  This could set the precident that ALL printed material MUST be approved before distribution.  So much for first amendment rights and the school house door. Keep us updated Cindy.

6.  Great collection of video tips and how to’s from Camp VJ. Wish I knew how to download them, because NING is bound to be blocked at school.


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