TNTJ: What’s Your Dream Job?

The guys over at TNTJ have a blog post idea – and a good one it is too; tell us your dream job in journalism.

Sometimes I think I already have my dream job, except for being able to do journalism myself.  I am a high school journalism teacher, as you may already know if you read my blog.  I teach in a mid-sized high school and am the sole journalism teacher at my campus.  I teach it all from video to print and web in between.  I really enjoy my job most every day.  I like to teach and share journalistic skills with my students.

But if I could do any other job, it would probably be to work at a small college doing the exact same thing I do now, only with the ability to work for a publication on the side and produce a story or two a week.  I would be able to teach, only with a smaller load and be a working journalist too.

I’m not sure the position exists, but if it did it would be the only one that could tempt me away from my current job.



  1. Oh, THIS is my dream job, and I’ve had a few spectacular jobs! I came to Scholastic Journalism after another career in journalism & politics. 2 major dailies, an internship in New York, and 6 years on Capitol Hill, plus I did time as a quasi-lobbyist, too. I’ve been to every continent except Antarctica, too. But teaching my High School Cherubs is refreshing, invigorating, exciting, and ever-changing. There’s none of that cynical, “real world” quality about it, which is such a positive!

    BTW, it’s time for our Silly Sunday Sweepstakes! Gotta good one for ya, so please come on over!

  2. Your job sounds wonderful! I was a journalism student in high school and I was sad to see the student paper fold shortly after I left. If no one is teaching journalism to new generations, who will carry the torch for us when we’re gone?

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