Chalk: What Not To Do

I recently recieved a comment that said I should check out a indy documentary called “Chalk.”  This movie is not what I would call inspiring.  It is a great “what not to do” movie.

Nothing that happens in the classrooms of the school in the movie seems unreal or out of the question.  Many of the reactions of some of the teachers are things I’ve seen or heard about.  It is supposed to be a Mockumentary, but I didn’t find it funny.   I’ve actually seen teachers that act like each of the main characters.  That is not funny – it is sad.



  1. I haven’t seen Chalk, but I’m definitely gonna share the video I posted at my site with my classroom Cherubs. Always looking to make a serious point in a silly way!

  2. I just finished watching it today–it was recommended to me by a friend so I added it to my Netflix queue. I agree completely–it made me more uncomfortable than anything. It definitely wasn’t funny.

  3. Okay, mine came through Blockbuster… yesterday? Maybe Friday. Anyway, I watched part of it today – I started skipping through after about the first 20 minutes or so.

    Do you really know teachers who are like that? I mean, really. The reason it annoyed me so much was – well, FIRST it was because I’m not much of one for humiliation-as-humor – but beyond that, it seemed to me to be sort of the opposite end of the spectrum from Dead Poets and all the other hokey teacher-as-Messiah movies. JUST as full of teacher-legend, but from a negative perspective this time.

    It’s not any truer, even though, like the hokey stuff, there’s a smattering of truth BEHIND the legend.

    Anyway. Rant off – for now. 😉

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