Am I A Teacher or Just IT?

Some days it feels like all you do is fix the computers and teaching is a distant second.

teach tech



  1. Heh. I think my yellow slice is larger. My red slice is definitely smaller, since I just say, “Tough. Do it over.” Plus I make require them to save every article on a computer and on a disk; they have to have that written on eeeevery draft.

    And our printer’s pretty sweet. So… no, mostly, it’s that darn yellow slice.

  2. OK, maybe I should have switched the green and yellow pie slices. 🙂

  3. You will love this: a student saves all of his work (l days worth) on the hard drive; the next day he cannot get it to load and complains to me; I notice that the hard drive has been switched out overnight because the other one was written up on a repair notice; student is irate that this would happen to HIM.

    “Why didn’t you save it on your flash drive?” asks Mrs. Zody. “I didn’t bring my flash drive.”
    “What about the two weeks you’ve had to do this assignment?” asks the disagreeable Mrs. Zody.
    “I didn’t do any work until yesterday and now you’ve destroyed it all.”

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