What We Do Can Be So Geeky

Sometimes what we do is incredibly technical.  I just spent the last two days discussing Amps, Watts, breakers and Luminance and it had nothing to do with class.  I just bought four brand new lights for my mini studio.  When we finally got them wired right and hung – we blew the breaker.

I never realized I could get maintenance to show up at my room so fast.  I should blow a breaker more often.

When I designed my new classroom seven years ago, we put in a small TV Studio.  It is barely big enough for a small interview set and a chroma wall.  But it works.  Except we had two problems, not enough light and not enough power.

Both those problems have been fixed.  We now have a studio with four lights and plenty of power.

But I sometimes feel like I spend more time keeping our equipment working, than I do teaching.  I guess most days it is worth it, but some days it does get frustrating when you want to teach, but end up spending you time dealing with balky equipment.


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  1. Pretty awesome that you were allowed to design your own classroom. Even neater that you have a TV studio! Hey, I returned the favor today and nominated you for a 2008 Edublog Award. Good Luck!

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