Sweet Content at Suite 101

Last summer I was lucky enough to attend the ASNE Summer Journalism Fellowship and got to write for an editor again.  It was great to be reminded of what my students go through when turning in work to me.

So, I have been looking for an opportunity to write on a deadline on a regular basis.  I have found it.  I will still keep up my blog, but I am also going to be writing articles about teaching and scholastic journalism at suite101.com.  I chose this web site because it was recommended on a blog I read and trust.  And after registering as a writer, I saw that Grammar Girl, aka Mignon Fogerty is also a writer there.

I am going to set up a link to my content on the new site, I would appreciate any of my regular visitors or irregular visitors going over there and checking it out.



  1. Good luck! We’ll keep in touch, and of course, will follow your progress at the new site.

  2. Don’t think I’m giving up this one. I can’t write outright opinion or first person accounts on Suite101, so I plan to keep the blog going strong. But it is cool to write for an editor and get feedback.

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