It’s The Stuff

I still love this site, even if they won’t print my post.  Here’s my stuff –

Stuff Journalists Like

#77 The Press Box

Whether you write about your local high school, big time college or professional team – journalists love hanging out in the press box.

Press boxes can range from an open-air wooden box atop rickety bleachers to modern, state of the art, air-conditioned palaces complete with Wi-Fi and cable TV.  Sports writers love them all.

They love the old wooden press boxes for their ambiance, as well as a chance to prove their sports writer credentials by complaining about how bad they are to other sports writers.  They love the newer press boxes for their creature comforts and modern design.

Of course you can’t forget the free food and drinks that many, if not most, stadium owners dish out to the press.  It is often pizza, burgers or hot dogs, but sometimes it can run to full buffets or even service at your seat.

There’s something special about sitting down in your seat and having the athletic director’s assistant hand you a crisp new copy of the roster and pre-game stat sheet when you arrive.  There are also those gut-gripping moments when your post-game stat sheet is late and your editor is screaming at you to finish the box score.

There is just something special about climbing stairs to the highest point in the stadium so you can open up your laptop and crank out a story on deadline.  There’s no better feeling in the world than getting your story about the thrilling overtime game, between cross town rivals into your editor, just under the wire.

That’s why journalists like the press box.


  1. I always find the most FUN stuff over here! And I DEFINITELY would have printed this post. What’s the matter with them?

  2. Thanks Melissa – I appreciate the support.

  3. BTW, please don’t forget my Sx3 tomorrow…it’s seasonal-and hysterical!

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