Cool Links #15: OMG It’s Been A Long While…

I have seven pages of links in my read later list.  I’ve been too busy to post cool links for a while.  Sorry about that, but I’ve got a lot of days off coming up to post them in chunks.

1- has a really good, in depth guide for taking portrait photos.  The guide covers a lot of ground and would be useful when teaching it to photojournalism kids.

2 – Do you know how to mashup an RSS feed and use CSS to post it to a wiki?  If you are confused by the last sentence, then 10,ooo Words blog has a useful post on Web 2.0/3.o terms.

3 – For broadcasting teachers and students, there will always be those times when you run into a name you just don’t know how to say – How To Say That Name is the site to find out how.  Native speakers of Spanish, English, several Asian languages and more will speak the name, so you can say it right.

4 – In the same category as number 3, is Daily Writing Tips 50 Incorrect Pronounciations That You Should Avoid.  These are words that so many people say wrong, but journalists need to say right.  My fav is ATH-A-LETE (wrong).  But maybe they should have done a mashup with HowJSay, so it would be auditory, not just visual.

5 – The University of Texas has a great resource for Copyright Law that includes both Fair Use for journalists and teachers.

6 – Rob Curley has a interesting post about what works on the Internet and how it applies to newspapers or anything else on the ‘Net.  Four of his Five P’s are a great starting point for where the industry should be going online.

7 – If you teach web design or any other Internet related course, then The Common Craft Show should be in your RSS reader.  They have a bevy of great videos that explain the hard to explain web stuff in plain English.

8 – Someone just sent you an unreadable document (like MS Publisher) and you don’t know what to do with it.  Try Doc2PDF – it turns lots of documents into PDFs that every computer use can read.  Simple.  And Free!

9 – But if you want to use the file afterward (lets say it is a .docx file that you want to make into a .doc) then try Zamzar.  This free resource actually converts it. All you need is an email address.

10 – While we still have printed newspapers, this graphic generator will be fun it makes fake newspaper headlines and stories.  You provide the copy.

More to come in the next day or two.


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