Cool Links #16: Nearly Christmas Treats, Low Calorie Version

With all the Christmasing going on out there, and all the baking and of course eating – I’m providing some Link treats that are low calorie, actually no calorie.

1 – Nugget number one is just a graphic that I found appropriate.

Film joins the analog retirement club.

Film joins the analog retirement club.

2 – If you teach a language course or if, like me, you teach a web design class, then you may have wondered what do you call these {} things.  Why they are braces or informally curly brackets of course.  Wikipedia has a great page with most English punctuation and those used on the web.

3 – This one is a double treat for Tweeters or the Tweeple.  First is an online database of journalists who Tweet (use Twitter) and the second one is We The Tweeple, a source for seeing if your congressional representatives use Twitter.

4 – For web design teachers, there is a great tool for turning excel tables into HTML tables called TABLEIZER!. Try it out.

5 – OK, I said low calorie – but if you copy this one it will be high calorie. The Flickr photo won’t link, but you’ve got to check out this camera cake for yourself.

6 – I know this list is turning into a web design-a-polooza, but here are 15 Super CSS Tricks & Tips that I have found very useful.

7 – The Daily Show definitely has newspaper’s number.

The Daily Show Owns Newspapers

The Daily Show Owns Newspapers

8 – This is a great story about how just looking for great visuals can lead you to a great story.

9 – Video 2 Zero blog has an interesting study about the best length for web video.  Their findins 2.5 minutes.

10 –

You Tube a shared culture by Creative Commons.

Enjoy – still more to come.


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