Cool Links 17: Ho-Ho-Ho Holiday Edition

1 – This is really long, so after you watch 2-3 verses you can cut it off, but it is worth a laugh (or not).

2 – Trailer for Stop The Presses documentary.

3 – From 10,000 Words blog here are 25 Things That He Has Learned About Journalism.

4 – The Week In Rap is a funny, but informative Rap mashup of the week’s headlines.  This could be useful in a video or broadcasting class.

5 – For the Web Design teachers who are teaching Web Standards and web usability, here’s a fun video about the WCAG web standard for disabled use.

6 – A really good, but not free, screencast tool (Mac OSX only) called iShowU.  This tool is one of the cleanest screencasts I’ve ever seen.  Check it out.

7 – Finally here is a Gender Analyzer for your website.  Mine came up as 54 percent male.  Ouch.


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  1. These really are cool! Thanks for sharing!

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