What You Want: End of The Year Blog Analytics

Give ’em what they want.  That is the mandate of most news sites, sure give ’em the news, but watch your analytics and give the reader what they like to keep ’em coming back.

So, like a good blogger, I watch my anaylytics almost daily to see what’s hot and what’s not.  But at the end of the year, I always want to see what did well.

This year my readers liked my yearbook ladder template, they loved lists here and here, and they liked my photojournalism syllabus.  Meets a need and fun entertainment.  OK.

Some of the things you found click worthy were a copy editing test, my amazon store, and a powerpoint about the golden mean.

Not surprisingly, the search terms that led many to my blog were teacher/journalism movies, yearbook ladder, yearbook and teleprompter.

My top referrers for the year are nearly all friends, except for wordpress referrals  and here they are in order:







  1. Wow, I’m impressed that my site sent you so much traffic! I get a lot of hits from google for yearbook so that probably gets people to go on to other related sites.

    I see you have remodeled AGAIN. Reminds me of my yearbook students who like to use lots of black.

    As for your top referrer, uncomfortableadventures.blogspot.com, it makes me sad that I am unable to comment on that site. It only allows google accounts to comment. I have found that on a number of blogs lately.

    • Maybe you should get a google account. They are very useful for Google apps and other things. You don’t need a “google” email either. I use a regular email to get my google account.

  2. Wait, I have a google account for uploading videos and for google apps. Is that the same thing that will work with the blogs?

    • If it wants a google login, then that one should work. Google is google.

  3. It worked. I tried it out as soon as I left your place and the message went through. I had thought one must have a google blog because it kept saying to sign up for such an animal. I have trouble keeping up with one blog, don’t know how I’d manage a second.

  4. Hi Robert,

    I found your blog at the Edublog Award 2008 nominee list. Congrats!

    I am working on a community service project @ MIT university. We want to get kids to make videos about SAT vocabulary and create a free and more fun way to prep for the big test. You can view some sample videos at the website we’re using http://www.BrainyFlix.com.

    To encourage participation, we are going to run a contest and give out a small cash prize to the video that receives the most number of votes from viewers. We’ll start accepting video submissions on January 1, 2009.

    I was wondering if you would be willing to write a short post about our charity event. The more videos we receive, the more helpful we think we can be! I would be especially pleased to get your help because we currently don’t have many viewers or registrants from Texas, and we’d love more representation from your state.

    Please let me know. If you have any hangups about doing so, I’d love the chance to address them. I can be reached at jack.yu.is@gmail.com.

    Thank you and have a happy new year!

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