Wicked Cool Podcastin’

I just finished being a guest of sorts on the Wicked Decent Learning podcast.  Jeff and Dan, the hosts decided a couple of episodes ago to do a “call in” show via Skype.  I’d never actually tried Skype before.  It is dirt simple.  I got a Tweet from Dan that the podcast had started.

I decided what the heck, I jumped on to Google and found Skype’s site, downloaded the client (took about 4 min. via DSL) and launched it.  It did take about 2-3 min. to get a user name (easy) and then to find Wicked Decent Learning (moderate difficulty).

But once on, I was in the chat and Dan texted me through the steps to keep my mic muted.  Finally, it was my turn and I got to ask a few questions.  It was pretty cool.  Those of us not in the “radio” discussion could comment via text or have a side conversation (text).  It was a really cool way to do a radio style call in show.  I think the guys pulled it off.  I’ll be waiting to hear the whole show – eps. 51 or 52, I’m not sure.  Check out their blog and subscribe to them via iTunes.

Update: Episode 51 is up on their site, you can click here to access their audio file (Quicktime) right on their blog.  And I don’t sound like a total idiot!  Jeff and Dan are great as always.

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