Cool Links 18: Ninja Edition

Several of my students in my web design class have been telling me about Ask A Ninja, but that is not what today’s links are aobut.

1  – Grammar Ninja:  Fun with nouns and verbs.  Ninjas are super cool right now and it amps up your cred as a fun teacher. Plus the kids might actually learn something.

2 – Pic Lits:  Is like those magnetic word sets with photos.  Great for caption writing excersises.  Gives kids a word bank to start with.  Then you can take them to the next level.

3 – DPS – Digital Photography School has a mini-photo syllabus of 21 Things Every Camera Owner Should Know.

4 – Also from DPS, are Nine Mistakes Photogrpahers Make When Working With Web Designers, but I would say they are mistakes they might make with any client.  Good for students to see that pros have standards if they want to make money at this.

5 – The Blog Readability Test is a cool tool to see what your writing level is for your audience.  If you have an online newspaper, it would work to see where the writing level is there too.  Here’s mine – kinda sad 😦

blog readability test



  1. This is definitely a fun collection of links! Grammar Ninja is so fun. I did the Blog Readability test. Fun, fun, fun.

  2. You’re doing better than me, my blog’s reading level is elementary. I guess I’m just pretty simple. Think I’d rather be simply pretty. Happy New Year.

    • Actually, I think it is because I write the way I teach my students to write – using simple, easy to read sentences. Don’t write long paragraphs and don’t use too many big words. Basically keep it simple for the reader and they might actually read it.

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