Get Your Brainyflix in Gear

The MIT Alumni Association is really trying to pump up students for the SAT with an “SAT Word” video contest called Brainyflix.  High school students create videos for the words in their word bank and can win up to $600.  They also get a chance to earn iTunes music downloads too.

I think the contest is a great idea, but the only downside is that the top vids will be chosen by votes, which leads to larger schools winning the top prizes.  I wish they’d change it to a jury of top MIT students to pick the best vids.

I’m planning to make it an assignment for my video tech kids for this coming semester.  The deadline is March 16, but don’t delay.

I Resolve To Be Resolute

Journalists need to stand up and get some guts, that’s what San Jose State j-student Suzanne Yada says.  And her list of resolutions for journalism students (and journalists) contains lots of great nuggets.

By far, her best is:

Grow some cojones.
Let me level with you. The world doesn’t need more music reviewers or opinion spouters. The world needs more people willing to ask tough questions. The first step to reversing journalism’s tarnished image is to have the guts to dig for information the public can’t easily find themselves, and be an advocate of unbiased, straightforward truth. If you can show depth and research with your reporting clips, if you can show you can ask the tough questions and be more than just a parrot for your interviewee, if you can fact-check the living snot out of your articles, you will rise to the top of the crop.

I also appreciate her including me in her list of resolutions.  I plan to share these with my students next week.