.MOD = Means Opening is Death

I knew months ago that the new video cameras that save via SD cards were not Mac friendly, but I also see flash memory based cameras as the future.  So we ordered one.  Foolish, I know, but I also knew that eventually Apple would see the light and move away from DV tape based cameras.

But the .MOD files are the kiss of death.

I thought I had it solved when Apple release a codec for Quicktime to handle .MOD files as .MPG files.  For a mere $19.99 US I could convert to my heart’s content.

All went fine and dandy.  I shot some video of my son playing at the park. Imported the files.  Converted the file suffex’s to .MPG.  And they opened in Quicktime great.  I was ready to edit.

Where was the audio? Was it on the Quicktime files?  No.  Aaarrggh!

So, I started Googling the problem.  And there was a great blog post about my very issue – Mac .MPG files with no audio.

The problem is that the codec does not actually convert the files.  You still need another piece of software to do that!  Luckily it is free.  MPEG Streamclip (sounds liek something from a steampunk verse) is great.  But you do need the Quicktime converter too.  It is both Mac and PC, so for those of you out there trying to use .MOD files in Adobe Premiere or even MovieMaker, this is a solution for you too.

Hopefully some native plugins or upgrades will come out for Final Cut and Premiere to handle .MOD files soon.


  1. Sorry…although I grew up as a Mac person, my district stopped supporting Mac years ago. Strictly PC over here, in more ways than one!

  2. Yikes! I had the Blue Screen of Death on my desktop computer over break. Fortunately, all we had to do was replace a defective RAM card. You know that sinking feeling? Well, I had it there for awhile, big time!

  3. BTW, don’t forget Sx3 tomorrow…it’s a 3-parter!

  4. Sort of along the lines of Melissa’s PC comment, I just received an email from our assistant superintendent for technology (yes we have such a person) who tells me he will no longer allow me to purchase anything MAC related. The board and superintendent will only allow PC platform in the schools. Sheesh.

    • How many Macs do you have? Are they planning on replacing them at district expense? What about all the software too? Have they even thought about that? I doubt it.

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