Cool Links #19: This is Not Link Bait!

Coming up with punchy headlines for the Cool Links posts is getting harder.  So, without further ado, here’s the cool stuff:

1) Top Ten Myths About Writing, from the home office in Somewhere, Indiana – just a little Letterman humor.  My favorite is number 1 – Kids Hate To Write.  Ever watch them text?

2) Free Audio Books Downloads – most are mp3 files, nearly all are classics taught in high school or junior high – so this is really for English or literature teachers, but for the j-teachers there is 1984 by Orwell, some Mark Twain, and War of the Worlds.

3) For the web teachers, there is a good, but slow History of the Internet via Vimeo.

4) This is a fun Google mashup called Earthalbum that lets you see Flickr photos that are geotagged to a specific location.  I searched for Texas and then Ike, found lots of photos from our recent hurricane.

5) This photo tool is a lot of fun too.  A Photo A Day has exactly that – one great photo every day.  The coolest feature is the ability to look back at their calendar and check out previous photos.  Not very many Not Safe For School Photos, but one every 3-4 months or so.

6) As my friends from Maine would say – this is Wicked Cool – Educational Origami (love the name) has Starter Sheets for many web applications like Google Search, Animoto and Google Maps.

7) If you teach high school photojournalists, this is how to cover a sports team in photos.  Just great photos of EVERYTHING.  Wow!

8) Copyblogger has a really fun post to share with your student writers – Don’t Be a Fancy Nancy Writer.  Too many student writers want to show off, but they really need to learn how to write with a purpose.

9) Just for Fun: Quiz: How New Media Are You? I’m “My computer misses me.”  Not sure it is right since I live on my comptuer.

10) Penn State University has a great online reference of both Mac Accent Codes and PC ALT Codes for when you need an unusual accent mark and can’t remember how to do it. Great visual guide too, in case you know what it looks like, but not what it is called.