Gender, Media and Recruiting

I stumbled upon my own post again today about boys, girls and the media.  The year is only half over, but I’ve seen some profound changes in my classroom.

One of the most profound is that after last year, I worked very hard to find and recruit several good, male students into my yearbook and newspaper classes.  This has made a huge difference in what was previously a testosterone free zone.  Just having a few guys around has really changed how boys outside the class view it.

On the other side of the equation, I’m still working hard to recruit girls into web design and broadcast journalism.  Web Design has more girls than ever, but broadcast journalism’s number of girls has dwindled to an all time low.  I guess we always need something to worry about at recruiting time, which is coming up soon.

But I do think it is important to try to keep recruiting groups of students who are not represented in your publication or media class.  These classes should be broad enough to encompass wide spectrums of the school population to ensure good coverage and a variety of perspectives.