Cool Links #20: The Andrew Jackson Edition

Andy Jackson is on the $20 bill, so he will be the host of this edition of Cool Links.  Let’s let this list roll:

1) Jason Bakker has 10 College Marketing Suggestions for 2009, but you can easily adjust them to high school or even middle school to help market your yearbook next year.  My favorite is No. 5 – I promise not to pretend to be someone I’m not.

2) The Knight Digital Media Center has a list of New Rules for journalism in the 21st Century. Best new rule: Report the truth and debunk the lies.

3) Seth Godin has a great post on what we will miss when newspapers are gone.  I’ve said it before, that local coverage will be the one thing that can’t be easily replicated elsewhere on the net.

4) Seems like there are a lot of “What Journalists Should Do in 2009” posts, here’s a good one by that sums up all the things journalists should already be doing.  Best one – 4. That your readers are smarter than you think. In fact, many are smarter than you – they know more than you do.

5) The West Seattle Blog is a great new innovation – a blog that has replaced the local newspaper for a neighborhood.  They use a simple WordPress theme and have a great ad-supported site with quality, local journalism.

6) The National Press Photographers Association has a cool blog called Edit Foundry for photogs who want to get into shooting and editing video for the web.  So far there are 10 easy lessons to help out any aspiring videographer.

7) The Neiman Journalism Lab has a great profile of a “solo mojo” Mara Schiavocampo who shows off her favorite equipment for the backpack journalist.  She is really showing how you can be a one person journalist organization.  All you need is a basic set of kit and a lot of drive.

8) Chrys Wu has a great list of Travis Fox’s 10 Rules For Video Journalism.  These are basics that every beginning shooter should learn, but few ever master all the time.  Here are some of Mr. Fox’s best videos at the Washington Post.

9) The Museum of Arbeit (Work) has an online photo exhibit of old printing presses.

10) Every yearbook teacher knows that one of the biggest struggles is getting the staff to work as a team.  Teampedia has a huge collection of icebreakers, team games and more.

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