Cool Links #22: The Superbowl Is Boring Edition

Since I’m bored of the Steelers dominating the Cardinals, I decided to post another edition of cool links.

1) This comes via the Free Tech for Teachers blog, Boolify – a neat visual tool for teaching Boolean logic.  This really shows, not just tells how to do Boolean searches.

2) For the writing teachers out there Word Wise has a list of commonly overused phrases that can be replaced with one word.  Great list.

3) If you’re a Mac user, then you will occasionally run into a special character that you don’t know the key combo for – Penn State University has a site with a list and how to combo each character.   They also have a page with the Windows ALT Codes too.

4) The Photography Bay has a list of five digital camera “features” that should be banned.  My favorite are the “authentic” camera sounds.  Of course this one might be made mandatory if Congress gets its way, they want to make sure all cameras go click to keep predators from silently taking photos.

5)  I thought this was an interesting post – especially the comments.  What would students tell teachers they want to know.

Short and sweet compared to #21 – but it was a Sunday night.