Cool Links #23: Prime Time, Prime Number Post

This is just a little shout out to Wicked Decent Learning podcast who love to give the numeracy love to prime numbered episodes.  It has been a while and my box of coolness is running over.  Time to dish out the cool links for media and journalism teaching.

1)  To kick it off, I have a really great photography resource called Photography 101.5, lesson 5 Aperture. There are four other lessons and each has great examples to teach f/stops, focus, depth of field and more.

2) Teaching video and need a clip to show a technique or explain how something for video works?  Can’t find anything – try VideoSurf.  It works pretty great to find all kinds of video and it seems to work well with Video Downloader.

3) Writing a headline and you can’t find a fun word that rhymes with orange to spice it up?  (hint there are none)  But if you really need a rhyming word, try the Online Rhyming Dictionary.

4) If you are a teacher with a Facebook Profile, then you really need to read these 10 Privacy Settings that all teachers should enable.  Keep prying eyes away from your private info, be they kids, principals or crazy ex-girlfriends.  Your private information should stay just that – private.  But on the Internet, it is up to YOU to keep it that way.

5) Do you design your own t-shirts for yearbook or another publication?  But t-shirt printers don’t like what we like – JPG, TIF, PSD.  Printing in the t-shirt world means vector art, but Illustrator is very expensive to buy for just the once in a while job.  That’s where an online solution like Aviary’s Raven comes in.  I haven’t tried it yet, but it looks promising.

6) Advancing the Story has an informative post about adding natural sound to your video projects with a link to a video that has a great use of nat sound.  But to someone new to video, you will also need to know more about L-Cuts and J-Cuts. This goes well with News Videographer’s post on Nat Sound.   Seems like nat soudn is important this week.

7) With budget cuts looming over education everywhere these days, finding affordable alternatives to commercial software is becoming more important each day.  I’ve written about nearly every title on this list already, but Innovation in the College Media has a few new titles to add.

8) Old News vs. New Social News – I saw these two great graphics for how old news was made, vs how new news will be made on the internet primarily.

9) If you blog, and you should – really, then SEO by the Sea has a wave of tools that will wash over you with salty goodness for your website or blog.  Test your blogs reading level, gender, see how it looks on an iPhone or in China.

10) This site is the whole enchilada!  There is an entire meal of teaching goodness.  JPROF has resources for teaching every aspect of journalism from writing to photography and graphics and design.  There are tons of PDFs to download for nearly everything you might teach.

11) I’m always trying to find ways to reduce the massive amount of paper and toner we use in our journalism program – I think I have a kindred spirit in the TeachPaperless blog.  They have a lot of good solutions for cutting down on paper use and waste.

12)  Stop The Presses!  How much longer will people understand this cartoon?

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