Teach A Teacher….To Edit

It is amazing what we will do to feel needed and helpful.  For the last two years, the media department has helped the dance department put on their Spring Show.  This meant editing a lot of music.  It started with the best of intentions.  I wanted to help a former student of mine – the dance teacher – put on a better show.

She is great.  She’s been an NFL cheerleader and really knows her dance.  Her dance team wins regional awards all the time.  But she is not a graphic designer, marketer or producer.  Her performances were great, but the staging needed help.  Together we formed a plan and worked hard to pull off a great show.  They had a great time and earned a lot of money.  My kids even taped it and sold DVDs.  It was a chance to learn how to stage a multi-camera shoot.

But I spent a lot of time editing music.  I don’t really like to edit music and I’m not the one who has to dance to it.  So, I suggested she buy a Mac Mini and use Garageband (just like I was doing) to edit the music.  She was skeptical.  She didn’t know how to edit music.  I assured her it would work out.

The Mac arrived in September, but she didn’t have an electric outlet or ethernet connection for it.  So, she put in a work order and we got it hooked up by November.  And that is when the magic started to happen.

After a 30 min. teaching session, she not only was able to edit a song, but also add it to her iTunes library and burn an audio CD, so they could practice with it.  She was so happy, she bounced down the hall.

Today, we were talking about this year’s show and one of her students was on the computer editing music.  It was so cool.  Who knows how many kids will be able to learn how to edit music due to her ability to take a chance to learn something new.  As a dance teacher, she works with music every day, but had never really edited it.  Editing was outside her comfort zone.  I think computers scare her a little too.  Sure, she emails and plays mp3s on her comptuer, but creating something new was something new.

As a teacher, it made me feel so good to teach someone how to create new things and learn new skills.  She already feels comfortable enough to teach students those skills.  In short – I had a good day.