Kids Are Not Amazed

I guess neither are we.  It is too bad.  We live in marvelous times.  When I was in high school, I had the privilege of living in Germany where my dad was stationed in the US Army.  But even though it was very exciting to live in a foreign country for three years, there were  a lot of hardships.

We had only one channel of TV in English, one English language newspaper, no cell phones, no internet, no DVDs.  Communication to our friends and family in the US was expensive and complicated.

This last year, two friends of mine came back from Germany.  He was stationed there for two years.  But we were in constant contact.  We emailed and kept up with each other.  They have satellite TV, DVDs, cell phones, and more.  It’s just like they were here.

But we are not amazed by all this and we complain when it doesn’t work. That’s too bad.  We should be amazed.