Kids Are Not Amazed

I guess neither are we.  It is too bad.  We live in marvelous times.  When I was in high school, I had the privilege of living in Germany where my dad was stationed in the US Army.  But even though it was very exciting to live in a foreign country for three years, there were  a lot of hardships.

We had only one channel of TV in English, one English language newspaper, no cell phones, no internet, no DVDs.  Communication to our friends and family in the US was expensive and complicated.

This last year, two friends of mine came back from Germany.  He was stationed there for two years.  But we were in constant contact.  We emailed and kept up with each other.  They have satellite TV, DVDs, cell phones, and more.  It’s just like they were here.

But we are not amazed by all this and we complain when it doesn’t work. That’s too bad.  We should be amazed.


  1. Dude! I couldn’t find any that would embed! Awesome. 🙂 I just posted this and now I can go back and embed it. yey!

  2. I wish my students were more amazed by the world around them. But I think they have some growing up to do before that happens!

    • Well, good news. One of my former students is doing an article for her college paper about Twitter. She interviewed me via email. So, some of them are working hard to do amazing things.

  3. My students take this stuff for granted… all of it. If they can’t get on the internet for a day because of a network issue, they blank. “What do we do now?” They ask – as if they’d never seen a phone book or had to look something up physically… wild!

    There is also something with the instant gratification of the ‘net. Bored? No problem – get online and play a game until something more juicy shows up, on their phone, or (GASP!) their teacher actually has something interesting…

    If I were mean I would run our class for a month without the internet… hmmm… maybe that’s a good idea!

  4. I am even guilty of it. Our network has been hammered by a virus for more than a week. The IT guys have been running anti-virus and updating the IP phones and our network has been super slow. Worse, this has affected our shared server drives. We lost two production days on our yearbook. But then I remembered when we had to print photos in the darkroom and what a nightmare that was. Times change, but we still want it faster and more robust.

  5. But only because you have made plans to use current technology. My memories of the darkroom are quite fond – but that’s because my dad had a photography class and no publication responsibilities, so I got to play around and experiment with ZERO pressure. 😉

  6. I do remember the magic of a photo image appearing in the tray on a piece of photo paper. But when you run a publication, nothing beats the speed and efficiency of digital. I also feel like I can teach photography so much better because I can spend more time on shooting and less time on post processing.

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