I Do Read Magazines

Last month I wrote about how I don’t read the newspaper, (the actual printed kind) but today I picked up my skinny magazines from my school mailbox and I realized how much I would miss them if they fold.

I do enjoy reading magazines in their real printed forms.  I can’t imagine reading magazines online in the same way I read paper magazines.

I use magazines in class for so many things.  We talk about fonts, design, photography and usability all via a magazine.  Of course you CAN teach this via online, but it is not the same.  The photos in magazines are bigger and better.  They don’t take any time to download.  Magazines require no batteries and don’t disappear when the Internet connection goes down.

Magazines are more relaxed.  Just flipping through one seems to make the day better.

Magazines are also niche publications.  You read one because you like sports, tech, fashion, cars, or whatever.

So, of course I am sad to see magazines getting thinner by the day.  I can only hope as we head into summer, magazines will start picking up some weight.  (Ads, page count).  Because I’d hate to see one of my favorite magazines shutter forever.