The Power of Video

This is why some stories need to be told in different ways.  This story would not be as powerful if told via text.  A news story in a paper or online would not have the power or the emotion of video.  This got the attention of the President of the United States.

Check out this story/blog in the LA Times.


  1. I hadn’t seen this – I plan to show my students this Monday as a great example of video and how powerful something this simple can be.

    Also – thanks for all the links. Seriously – I don’t know how you find the time for it, but they have been awesome. I have my students checking out many of them with me.

    Thank you.

    • That’s where web 2.0 helps. I use my RSS reader to bring content to me like great blogs, I Twitter, and I read Digg and Neatorama. Then when I find something I want to share, I add it to my “Reading List” bookmarks (Firefox Plugin) and then I save it until I have enough for a Cool Links post. Only takes about 30 min. a day.

  2. A powerful story. And I agree with you…9/11, for example, was powerful enough to read about in the pages of my local paper, but television really proved its mettle that day. On a happier note, please don’t forget Sx3 today…I’m doing a video, which is quirky enough to get everyone’s creative juices flowing!

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