Cool Links #30: The Tooth Will Set You Free

Not sure what is wrong with my “tooth” really my bridge – it has been hurting all day.  Sometimes stuff gets caught under it.  Hope that’s all it is.  Until then, I’m taking my mind off it with another edition of Cool Links.

1) Visual shooters need to remember the old adage Wide, Medium, Tight.  John Gross did a great short interview about this topic.

2) TED Talks guest Jacek Utko says that design can save newspapers by making them more visually interesting.  Basically all the old rules of journalism need to be broken in order to first serve design.

3) Twip Photo has another great post on the basics of using a histogram and how it helps you to tone your photos for any purpose.

4) This graphic just plain rocks!  The periodic table of visualization is just wow!  Yearbook, web design and newspaper teachers should use this to teach their student how to make and add great graphic content to their products. In a related post, 10,000 words blog has a fun multimedia picker to help you choose the best way to tell a story.

5) This is really creative writing.  The Lost Generation is a super well-written piece that can be read forward for one meaning and backward for another one.  Very cool.  Applications for yearbook opening and closing copy could be really useful.

6) Stephen Colbert has a little fun at the expense of Newspaper Association president John Sturm.  Best moment is when Stephen races John – iPod vs. newspaper.  Guess who wins.

7) Not sure if it is capital or capitol?  This Confusing Words site will help you pick the right one.

8 ) The dPS, digital Photography School just keeps coming on with more tips.  This week it is 13 tips for improving outdoor portraits.

9) Why is J-School still popular? I think it is because kids know that multimedia skills are the future of more than just one field.

10) In 12 days my blog turns two years old.  In that time, I’ve learned a lot.  Super Punch has 8 lessons for bloggers, I have a few too.

I. Be who you are and don’t be afraid.  I was outed even after carefully trying to stay private.  It was a good thing.

II. Write about what you know.  The old adage is so true, but so is the reverse.  Write about things as you learn them.  It is refreshing to read about someone learning something for the fist time.

III.  Be social.  Join Facebook and Twitter.  Become a single brand – all linked to your blog.

IV. Ask for help and give it too.

V.  Share.  Give of your self as long as it doesn’t hurt you personally or professionally.  The more you give, the more you get.

11) NPAA Photographer of the Year talks about shooting news video.  Must watch.

12) Innovation in College Media has a thoughtful post on “will there be jobs after college” for j-students?

By nature, journos are deadline oriented people… another highly marketable skill -Holly Setter (@hsetter)

13) Time magazine has an almost gloating piece about the “death” of broadcast TV.  Once again it is all niche, TV is not dying – it is getting stronger, just via cable and smaller shows instead of bigger ones.

14) CBS Sunday Morning has a fun segment about how newspapers are returning to their roots by getting rid of all that corporate culture.   CBS had a triple play with this article about Stopping the Presses and going digital as well as a video segment too.

15) Israel Hyman of Izzyvideo has generously posted a great screencast course for using Final Cut Express 4.   And it is FREE!

16) While journalism needs to change in order to survive in the 21st Century, certain ideals need to be kept and the Save the Media blog has a great list of ethical behaviors to hang on to.

Hope you have a good week and I’ll try to as well.  Now I’ve got to make a test.



  1. Thanks, great post. I’m a web developer, not a designer, so these points are useful, even if some call them

  2. Wish I could get my Cherubs as excited & focused about the photography side of the biz! Thanks so much for participating in Sx3!

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