Cool Links #32: Easter Egg Edition

I’ve been feeling a lot better, both mentally, physically and spiritually.  So, I thought I’d hand out a special Easter edition of Cool Stuff!  Enjoy!

1)  It seems our cousins across the pond didn’t read their Orwell.  Here’s a great Flickr image of a photoshopped version of a real poster seen in the wild in Britain. Check out the real poster here on their Flickr feed.

Didnt Read Their Orwell

Didn't Read Their Orwell

2)  Here’s a great nugget from NASA, the orginal Earthrise photo from the Apollo 8 Mission. Beautiful even in black and white.



3)  Another rock solid interactive map from the NY Times, immigration and jobs in the US, by country of origin and job type.  Very cool and easy to understand. The NY Times does graphics better than anyone on the internet right now.

4) All teachers, especially high school ones, have seen these moves in their classes as students try to check their text messages.  Short and worth the watch TED talk about the anti-social nature of cell phones.

5) Web design teachers and yearbook teachers can find a lot of use in this post about the basic online column layouts and their most used percentages.

6) Here’s another YB/Web two-fer, 8 Simple Ways to Improve Typography.  I know that this is one of the easiest ways to improve your publication or web site’s look is back to basics.  Look at your text.  Make it readable and tweak it until it looks great.  Then lock it in for at least a year.

7) Yearbook teachers, if you’re like me, then this year’s book is done.  Next year’s book is already started and you are running out of things to do.   Here’s 25 FUN Things You can do with photos! Fun!

8 ) Not sure what LOL BRB L8R or noob mean?  Here’s a Text Message translator so you can either figure out what they are texting about you, or so you can just figure out what your son/daughter/editor sent you in that last text message said!

9) If you teach photography, you probably get some smart-alec kid each semester who wants you debunk some “ghost photo” that he/she saw on TV or the web.  This site has scientific explanations for how several ghost photos may have happened.

10) Tired of the same old look, spruce up your designs with 25 Free modern looking fonts. FREE!

Have fun egg hunting.  Happy Easter.


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  1. great post…

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