Cool Links #33: The Yearbooks Are Coming, The Yearbooks Are Coming

We got our boxes of yearbook this last week, but they are still sitting in my TV studio unopened, except one box.  The will remain there until after our state testing when we hand them out on May 4. So, until then I will have to be content with finding more cool links for all of you.  Here’s a sample:

1) Photographer Samuel Cockadey posted a dynamite slideshow that borders on video.  He took the shots in Tokyo with a Nikon DSLR and the results are awe inspiring.

2) Canadian J-School Prof. Mark Hamilton writes that in the web era we seriously need to revisit the inverted pyramid with our students.  I agree.  Web news is all about getting the most information in the quickest format.  that is the definition of the inverted pyramid. Best quote:

The inverted pyramid, it turns out, isn’t the devil’s spawn after all. It’s just another tool for storytelling and one that I think editors and reporters may need to spend a little more time exploring.

3) Have you ever tried to get a student to understand why you can’t print a 1-inch tall 72 dpi web photo in the yearbook at 300 dpi and 6-inches (36 picas) tall?  Well the digtial Photography School has a wonderful visualization of one photo at various dpi resolutions.  It makes it very easy to understand.

4) Near the end of each school year, I always do a unit on film production in my video technology class.  One of the many things we cover are who are the best boys, gaffers, foley artists and grips?  The Mental Floss blog has a well put together list of film credits that you don’t know what they do.

5) The digital Photography School is continuing with their tremendous series Photography 101 – in part 7, they discuss using ISO.  It has great examples of grain/noise and why it happens when you jack up the ISO.

6) How much Photoshop is too much in news photography?  I’ve heard the range of answers across the board from none to some to only what could be done in a wet darkroom, etc.  This article from Denmark shows three great examples of photos where the photographer altered only the levels and colors, but changed the content of the photos.  Is this ethical?  Great discussion starter.

Really short list this week, but not all weeks are created equal.



  1. Wow, you get your yearbooks early! I’m not expecting ours until the 3rd week of May. Hope everything turned out OK for you and your staff this year. I’m always a tad worried in the weeks leading up to publication & delivery! And PS: Please pop over to participate in Sx3 today. We’re in serious Donald Trump Mode!

  2. You must get out of school a whole lot earlier than we do. Our books will come around May 29 and we will hand them out June 1 and 2. Those are the dates for senior finals and I try to give the books out those days so the seniors have a chance to sign everyone’s book before they check out on the 4th. Of course, this year only about 100 seniors even bought the book so it won’t take too long to hand out or sign.

    • Sounds like we get out about the same time as you. June 4 is our last day, but that whole week is finals. We also take a lot of AP tests during May, and I like to get the books out before testing madness begins.

  3. That’s one of the most exciting part about school, having a copy of your yearbook! And you got it already, so fast. I’ve waited for months for our yearbooks to arrive… I got it while I was in college already. haha

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