Cool Links #35 The H1N1 Crazed Edition

I may have a lot of time on my hands soon.  Most school districts here in Texas are on pins and needles waiting for the Flu bomb to drop.  The state dept. of health and the CDC have recommended a 14 day time out if a student comes down with the H1N1 in our school.  Here’s to hoping it doesn’t happen.  We already missed 11 days this year for Ike, don’t know what they’ll do if we miss more.  We could end up at work until July.  So, lets hope some cool links will help people to wash their hands and keep a cool head. My bonus pre-link is from the Guardian (UK) that feels we in the media have driven us to a crisis cliff and now no one trusts us.  Surprised?  Not me.

#1 – Steve Yelvington took some heat on Twitter this week for saying that there are too many jobs in journalism that are just replicating work done somewhere else and we’d all be better off if we could cut down on unneeded duplication.  I’m sure that sucks if you are a wire editor or a page designer.  If printed newspapers are going to continue at all, they need to trim any and all fat without cutting back on original reporting.  That means tough choices and using more economic methods. In a related post, Random Mumblings thinks that Seth Godin is right and everything is broken in the printed model of newspapers.  I’m not 100 percent in agreement with that, but I think that they have been in denial for too long and that incremental fixes will not work.  It is time for drastic action.

#2 – If you are considering or already have an all-color yearbook, then you might want to check out these 22 Photoshop Image tricks that can make your images pop off the page.

#3 – I am a Mac user and even fanboy, but I too have used Windows PCs and still have one on my desk at work (off to the right from my Mac).  So every now and then you will have to deal with the BSoD – blue screen of death.  Maximum PC has a survival guide with an excellent step-by-step what to do when BSoD stikes.

#4 – Gaylord College has posted a ten lesson tutorial for Final Cut Pro, but Final Cut Express is very similar.  While there will probably be elements that are FCP only, the tutorials are worth a look.   They also have tutorials for InDesign & Photoshop CS3/4, Flash, Illustrator and Avid.  Wow.

#5 – News Videographer blog has several good presentations about Multimedia Career Paths, Choosing the right Media for the Story, Dealing with being a Solo Mojo.

#6 – Advancing the Story has a cool video about how to breath for broadcasting.  It has some great exercises to use with students, so be patient, they come at about 3:30 into the video.

#7 – 10,000 Words blog has a guide for How to Shoot Great Video Quick.  Many times we get a call at school, “can someone come and shoot this?”  We have little or no prep, so the student reporter – usually a one man band – has to grab their gear and go.  Lots of good advice in this post.

#8 – And on the note of doing it all yourself in video, my new fav. blog is The One Man Band Reporter – great posts include Doing Your Own Stand Up (with seven great tips) and The Good, The Bad and The Exhausting.   Low cost is the present and the future of news, so we need to take heed of resources like this one.

#9 – This is the treadmill so many of our students are on.  Wake, eat, school, internet, eat, internet, sleep. Repeat.

#10 – This site has great video and audio files.  I really like how they deal with the problem of drop outs.  I think I want to make an assignment like this the final for my students this year.

So remember to wash those hands and keep the hand sanitizer close by.  Stay safe and stay healthy.


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  1. We’re worried about the swine flu, too, although only 3 confirmed cases in VA and 9 in MD. Sounds like it’s spreading fast. I just hope the anal superintendent/school board don’t make us make up any lost time if they close the schools. We’ll be going to school all summer!

    BTW, please don’t forget Sx3 today. We’re celebrating Cinco de Mayo with a Tex-Mex cookbook giveaway!

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