Cool Links #36: Prom Edition

Last night was the Prom for our school. I was up past my normal bed time.  But I did get to see my 17 seniors all dressed up and looking very nice.  They clean up nice.

Procrastination - Yearbook students are doing it right.

Procrastination - Yearbook students are doing it right.

1 – The Web Design Ledger has 30 Extremely Elegant Serif Fonts – I am personally fond of

Roman Serif

Roman Serif

Liberation Serif

Liberation Serif

2 – I know that I am a Mac Fan, but here is a list of 45 Free Useful Thumb Drive Applications that is almost entirely Windows based.  Best ones – Open Office portable, portable anti-virus, PC repair system, and VLC media player.

3 – Mindy McAdams has a superb list of take aways from a recent 1-hour tools course she taught in multimedia journalism.  Best take away:

Some students tried to get around the equipment requirements by borrowing from friends, etc. Then they complained when their grades were low because of the poor quality of their work. When I said, “You’re supposed to read the manual and figure out the proper settings on your camera,” they said, “Well, it’s not my camera, and it’s a different one from the one I borrowed last time.”

4 – Youtube user texarky posted this video, but I’m not sure it makes his point.  It does it’s job so well as a video, that it really shows the power of THAT medium.

5 – The Columbia Journalism Review has a long, but serious article about how long, serious journalism has been a crusade for awards instead of giving the customer what they want.  I agree with him on principle.  Our school’s yearbook got caught up in that same hunt.  We were winning awards, but not giving the students the book they wanted and the sales suffered.  We then started to look at what the audience wanted and at first awards plummeted, but sales began to recover.  And then as the audience got more of what they wanted, what do you know, the awards came back too.  Good coverage of the audience can be good journalism.  They are not mutually exclusive.

6 – The One Man Band Reporter blog just keeps knocking them out of the park.  This week it was a post on how to get people to take you seriously as a SoloMojo.

7 – Copyblogger says that we should all write as if we are being watched!  Watched by the proofreading police. Don’t we want people to read our work?  Yes, we do!

8 – Both print and web designers can find a lot of usefulness in the 960 Grid System.  It is a basic grid system that allows you to have a huge amount of flexibility in your design.  The CSS code makes it really easy.

9 – Fun quiz:  Quick name the top 10 US newspapers.  Go! (no cheating)

10 – This is very cool, the evolution of the Photoshop interface.  Someone took a lot of time to screenshot all this.

11 – Memory cards are a wonderful invention that has made digital photography possible.  The digital Photography School has a pair of post on the all-important job of taking care of your memory cards.  Post 1 and Post 2.

12 – Grand kids: heck things our kids don’t get.

Kids just dont understand.

Kids just don't understand.

13 – Best use of a Yearbook theme in a video game character motif.

Video Game Character Yearbook

Video Game Character Yearbook

Lucky 13 this week.  Have a good prom season – take lots of photos.



  1. Our prom is tonight. Our first grand child is due any day. I told my daughter we couldn’t come to see the new baby until after prom, as I have to be there to take pictures or else I won’t have any good ones for next year’s book. She understands (she was a yearbook editor) and so does the baby. She hasn’t been born yet!

    • The baby is, of course, a future yearbook editor. 🙂

  2. Our prom isn’t until the first week of June…the time when it starts getting hot and humid as you know what around here. I SO don’t like going to a sweaty dance! The kids do clean up nice, though. I’m spending my day putzing around the garden, and of course getting into some silliness with Sx3. Please drop by if you have a sec…

    • I do know. I spent 18 months in Maryland. But of course we marinate in the humidity down here in Houston. Hot and sweaty is 300+ days a year.

  3. I had a total Yearbook-geek-out moment from the link to 960 grid! Thanks for the link! Absolutely gonna use it for training this summer!

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