Cool Links #37: The End is Near Edition

With only three weeks of school left, we can see the light at the end of the tunnel.  But they are three very busy weeks.  Lots of performances that we need to shoot video and stills of for the web site and video podcasts. So, here are some tasty cool treats to help you keep it together until the end of the year.

1 – Making Teachers Nerdy has a top flight list of free public domain music and images for student use in projects.

2 – Seems like yearbooks are going out and unfortunately making news – in the worst ways.  This one from Tampa, Florida is a real head scratcher and nearly not safe for school because of the content of the news story and the yearbook. And then in Arizona, a teacher was put on paid leave after two inappropriate remarks were found in the yearbook.

3 – As usual, another perfect post from the digital Photography School – An Introduction to Shooting Sports Photography.  A number of great take-aways:  Best one is use a radio.

Listening to the broadcast of the game while you work will give you a play-by-play account so you can understand exactly what is going on.

4 – This photo is simply amazing.  The detail in this gigapixel photo is incredible.  In the future we won’t need zoom lenses.

5 – Here in Texas, journalists have been operating without any kind of official state protections for journalists.  But now Gov. Rick Perry has done one of his rare good acts, he signed a Shield Law for Journalists.

6 – It is always great to see someone who sees a future in journalism for those who are willing to try to keep moving in whatever direction today’s journalism takes you.

7 – Google rolls out some really great and useful web search options.

8 – The Buzz Machine has a post that more than suggests it is time for newspapers to drop the paper.  News must FIND the consumer, not the other way around.  That’s how news works in the digital age.

9 – The Washington Post has a terrific MediaStorm project gallery with a number of great multimedia shows with audio, photos and video.  Worth a look.

10 – The Guardian (UK) has a terrific read about the writing of the novel 1984 by George Orwell.  The tale of how he was able to complete this masterpiece is nearly as interesting as the book itself. Worth reading anything written by the man who penned these rules.

Orwells Rules of Writing

Orwell's Rules of Writing

11 – The News Videographer blog has a scary post about how dangerous it is to be too complacent when behind the eyepeice of the camera.  I too know how dangerous it is to ignore how close that football player is before hitting the button and then the ground.

12 – Is Stephen Colbert right?  Are America’s newspapers on a death watch?  Read the New York Times (a newspaper you know) to find out.

13 – Upload speeds, laptops, deadlines, HD, SD, online quality?  Which one takes precedence?  The One Man Band Reporter blog has a mix of recipes for mixing up the best video in the field for transmission over the Internet.

14 – If you use a Mac (and you should), then you need to know every way there is to relaunch the finder.

15 – Went to see the new Star Trek movie this last week and I liked it.  I liked this post even more – what photographers cna learn from Star Trek.

16 – More from the dPS, an incredible step-by-step guide to fixing multiple problems in photographs using Photoshop.

1 7 – Just a little sign that is probably found in every yearbook staff room:

You have nothing to lose, well finish this caption tomorrow.

You have nothing to lose, we'll finish this caption tomorrow.

I guess I’ll finish this post next week.  🙂



  1. Ugh. Our book is here. I just want the next two weeks to be OVER so that I don’t have to think about it any more. *sigh*

    • Well, we still need to sell about 40 more books to break even. That is about four books a day. Hope we make it.

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