Cool Links #39: Bonus Long Weekend Edition

If you’re like me, a long weekend is just another excuse to chill on the computer.  Especially when it is getting hotter like today here in Houston.  So, here’s some more cool links to cool off with:

1 – This is one I get all the time from my students – how can you lighten hair in photoshop?  Nicole Young has the answer in this video from PhotoFocus.

2 – The JEA has an insightful, but not helpful post on why high schools should keep their printed media alive.  They don’t, however, have any answers as to HOW they can keep them alive in the current mania of budget cuts and the added economic slump that is killing ad dollars.

3 – Dkzody, a yearbook teacher who is wondering how much longer the yearbook will survive at her school.

4 – Joseph Niepce’s wooden camera is going on display in a museum.  Cool!

The first camera

The first camera

5 – I love minimalist web design.  It looks great and loads fast.  I am always trying to get my students to get their sites pared down and here’s a great list of 40 examples of minimalist design.

6 – The dPS has a lengthly and helpful tutorial on How to Shoot Baseball. I’m sure it will work for softball too.

Back to school tomorrow.  Nearly done.


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