Fat Police Strike!

TX State Calorie Police Bans Candy

TX State Calorie Police Bans Candy

No, I’m not talking about large officers of the law, I’m talking about the state of Texas.  As of next year, my district is banning all food sales by groups, clubs or organizations – this means no candy, sodas, bake sales, bbq plates, etc.  The state’s crazy and draconian rules are so hard to interperet the district just flat out banned all food sales.

We made nearly $2,000 by selling candy this year.  We really need a new fundraiser.

And it can’t involve taking students out of class either.  Those types of fundraisers (we used to do a girl’s football game) have been banned too.  Got any ideas?  Please comment – please!



  1. Oh, man, WHAT A bummer!!! 😦 How are your students about dances??

    What about snacks not-during-school-time (football games?)

    • Am co-sponsoring a homecoming dance with the cheerleaders. Also the athletic department has a lock down on concessions at sporting events.

  2. We’ve had similar issues here in California, though we do not have an all-out ban on sugary and fatty fundraisers. Instead, we have a % of calories for sugar and fat, since ASB needs the earnings from vending machines. We’ve had afters chool events (with poor turn-out) and various items attached to letter grams (which are fun, but purchasing hundreds of items, like friendship bracelets, can be harrowing). Other clubs and organizations have attended TV tapings (since we’re near Hollywood), had car washes, drawings (we CANNOT call them lotteries or raffles…), % of earnings at restaurants and other food establishments, and benefit performances. We’ve tried so many things…it’s tough. I don’t know…especially this year, it’s going to be tough.

    • Thanks for your input. We’ve been thinking down that same road – I guess we are all in the same boat.

  3. Welcome to our world. California cracked down a few years ago. If you check, many companies will be offering products that meet the newer fat and sugar rules. That’s what we did here. Otis Spunkmeyer and the Brownie Baker offer products that fall into the low fat, low sugar category. The drink companies have all come around too. We sell a lot of water in our school because of our hot climate.

  4. Yeah…along w/jchow – welcome to the hell we call California. Everything fun is banned, we teach to the test, our budgets are sinking faster than the Titanic did, and we have to do more with less (especially staff, since they are getting let go).

    Some stuff that really works on our campus are talent shows – bring in the individuals and clubs and charge everyone to attend. See food outside. Friends and family turn out by the carload. Or do the same but add in a spaghetti dinner and raffle.

    My school is in a low income area and we have to scrounge. I’m hitting one of the local fairs and having the kids enter some team competitions building murals. I encourage them to enter contests that award prizes to the classroom (got lucky last year and got $500 that way).

    The kids will work their hearts and hinies off for you – I just try to make it fun and make sure they see at least some success.

    • We also can’t do raffles, since the state is the only one allowed to do “gambling” and I appreciate the talent show ideas, but the drama/choir depts. already have it sewn up.

  5. Yeah…I know that drill. First year our school opened the new band teacher scarfed up all of the best fundraisers.
    How bout an anti-talent night? As in, what can you do that no one else can. You could have an ugly contest (ugliest student), and “I can’t sing” contest,” and have kids vote (with their money) to have teachers kiss a pig in public. Also strange/unusual talents (playing music with armpits, bird whistling). Then there’s always cow poop bingo.
    If ya can’t take the high road, find an alternative route!!

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