Why Apple Rocks!

Yesterday Firefox, my favorite browser, quit unexpectedly.  This is very rare, but it does happen.  It would not relaunch.  So I deleted it and reinstalled from a fresh download.  I launched it, but it would not launch and I got a crazy error message saying Firefox was already running.  Confused?!

So, I restarted my Mac.  Still no go, same error message.  So it was time for search and destroy.  I killed every file related to Firefox.  Restart.  Relaunch.  Still no go.

OK, google to the rescue.  Apple’s website had a useful article on what happened during the crash.  Some invisible file was corrupted.  It even showed you how to find it and delete it.  I tried.  No dice.

Screaming and frustration.

So, I decided it was time to restore my software to it’s original state by erasing the hard drive and reinstall the system software.  This is no easy task.  First step – backup all data.  That took a while.  Then find the system disks.

Panic!  Can’t find them.

OK, try the system disks from the Mac Mini.  Same OS, should work.  It does fine.  Formats the drive and then installs the OS 98 percent and then hangs up.  I try it again.  Same result.

So I try it without the iLife package (where it was hanging up).  It installs.  OK, I’ll deal with it.

I start updating the Mac with software, etc. and try to run the DVD player.  No go.  Then another program won’t run.  This is now too much.  I give up.

Safari is running, so I look up the Houston Galleria Apple Store phone number.  I am now at an all new low.  The tech teacher having to call for help.

The girl on the phone is polite, helpful and even makes an appointment for me at the Genius Bar with in 90 mins. of my call.  I pack up my MacBook, get in the truck and drive.  My iPod is seriously low on power, but it helps me chill out.

I get there 10 min. early and only wait 10 min. until I am helped.  They have me up and running in 30 min. – no charge.  Nothing but helpful associates who know their product.  This is why Apple is better than Windows or Linux.  You just can’t get this kind of customer service anywhere else.


  1. Did they explain/show you what happened and/or what to do about it, should it happen again?

    • Actually, I already read the Apple tech document about the Firefox issue. There are about 100 reasons why Firefox may not shut down properly, and most of the time it will not be an issue. But sometimes it damages the .parentlock pref and if it can’t be removed (it is an invisible file), then you are in trouble. I can order replacement disks for about $15-25 so I don’t have to trek out to the Apple Store again. Had I not lost my original install disks in the first place, I could have fixed it myself.

  2. Yep, that’s Apple for you. All you other companies out there–pay attention. Give us that kind of service and we will be loyal and keep buying more. There are so many places I shop just because of the good customer service.

    • And people wonder why I keep buying Macs even though they cost more. Product value and customer service. Macs just work and Apple just works right.

      • Indeed. I wouldn’t even consider another computer. Macs just work. And keep on working. I do fantasize about a new one, however!

  3. Wow…you’re certainly a lot braver than I to go through so many frustrating steps before calling the Apple Store. Both my kiddos have Macs, and we’ve been nothing but pleased with them and with the service. I’m thinking it’s about time to put this old Dell Laptop in mothballs…

    • I guess part of it is pure Yankee stick-toit-iveness that my parents passed down to me. Don’t have others do for you, what you can do for yourself. Plus, as a teacher, I like to learn. I want to know how it works and why.

      So, for me, going to the Apple Store is basically surrender. Also, here in Houston our Apple Stores are rather new. It is also about a 40 min. drive from my house to any one of the three stores. So, I don’t want to give up 2-3 hours of my day, mostly in traffic, just to fix my computer. But I’m still glad I live in a city with an Apple Store.

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